Artist blacksmith Jiří Ondráček

The journey of Jiri as an Artist Blacksmith started in Moravsky Krumlov where he graduated from Blacksmithing and Locksmithing course.
After he finished his studies, in winter 2007, he moved to Prague to work for a great Blacksmith and Restorer Josef Mück.
Following spring Jiri starts his working experience under the precise eye of Master Blacksmith Pavel Tasovsky in Namest nad Oslavou. There he gets an opportunity to participate in high-prestigious works such as 'Forged Chess' placed in Helfstyn Castle, the 'Tillia' sculpture for the city of Lipnik nad Becvou (designed by Alfred Habermann), or 'Pilgrimage Crosses' for the church of God's Mercy in Slavkovice.

After two years in this workshop, Jiri decided to move a little further in order to gain new experience and starts working for Charles Normandale in Wheely Down Forge, Hampshire, England.
Here, along with the former president of the BABA Association Charles and his son William, Jiri gets a chance to work on many amazing pieces. Those can be found all around the UK, for instance Southampton, London, Portsmouth, New forest or Jersey Island.

After gaining a valuable experience in England, in 2011, both Jiri and William decide to move to Carmarthenshire in Wales in order to expand their skills in workshop of Designer and Artist blacksmith A.D.Rowe. Here they take part in interesting project like 'The bar' in a seaside restaurant in the town of Llanelli, a sculpture for Maldron Hotel in Cardiff and many other smaller works for various castles in Wales.
In 2012, after more than two years, Jiri returns to Czech Republic, working for Sculptor and Blacksmith Josef Majrych. In his workshop they mostly focus on smaller restorations for Veltrusy Mansion and National Historic Landmark 'Stará ČOV' in Prague. Following spring Jiri is required again as a team member in Wheely Down Forge, expanding his skills as an artist blacksmith and working on more detailed and complex projects. After over seven years of experience under prestigious blacksmiths, Jiri felt he had the confidence and the skills to open his own workshop.